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The Izaak Walton Ring - A web ring for sites that reflect the conservation spirit of 17th-century angler-philosopher Izaak Walton. Sites in this

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The Izaak Walton Ring

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Manager: oldmuskrat
A web ring for sites that reflect the conservation spirit of 17th-century angler-philosopher Izaak Walton. Sites in this ring may belong either to organizations or individuals as long as they share a mission to reconcile human activity with the natural world. Commercial sites will be accepted only if they have substantial environmental content. This ring is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Izaak Walton League of America.

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Wright Environment
How humans are having a negative impact on the Earth due to our unsustainable use of natural resources and our dependence on economic development. The Extirpation of the grey wolf in Scotland.
DeKalb County, Indiana, Chapter, IWLA
Home page of the DeKalb Ikes. Protecting NE Indiana's air, soil, woods, water and wildlife since 1971.
Save The Ribble - Community Campaigning Blog
A site set up by local people, including walkers, wildlife enthusiasts, allotment keepers, and anglers dedicated to preserving the beauty of the River Ribble, the countryside around it and the diverse wildlife it supports, and opposing the ideas of the 'Riverworks' project, which aims to build a barrage across the river and over 4000 houses in its' floodplain.
Vernal Pool Paradise: A Virtual Field Trip to Boggs Lak
Boggs Lake Preserve is a hidden gem! Those interested in birding, hiking, and the preservation of endangered plants and animals will want to make arrangements to visit this remarkable little preserve. The web site is a compilation of virtual field trips, lesson plans, science experiments, nature poetry, nature journaling tips, and information on the flora and fauna of vernal pools.
Mike Walter's Indiana Earth Page
The Old Muskrat proves that there's more than corn in Indiana!

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The Izaak Walton Ring

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