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Everything/Nothing WebRing - This ring started out for the benefit of the Everything/Nothing [E/N] community (which I'm still trying to figure out w

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Everything/Nothing WebRing

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Manager: wr__tj

This ring started out for the benefit of the Everything/Nothing [E/N] community (which I'm still trying to figure out what it is). It seems to have expanded beyond that point, so don't expect to find nothing here. Instead, you will most likely find everything here. :)


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The Digital Attic Blog
This is the companion blog for the website Digital Attic.
C'est Moi, I'm Afraid
Was: C'est Moi, I'm Afraid / General Questions, until the system helped me that all punctuation was evil, except maybe for apostrophes. Former webring profile, moved to another server where it can grow until it matches the size of my ego. :) Personal introduction and a little bit about the experience of being a multi-ethnic Jew in a supposedly happily multicultural world.
The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company
Theatre & Film company based in Brixham, Devon, Southwest England, specialising in newly written and researched historical dramas for stage (locally) and screen (internationally). Giving local actors the chance to be seen and shine, we are an energetic, ambitious, happy team. Find out about our latest shows, films, castings and projects. As seen on BBC TV.
I am about to be medically retired from the Army after 14 years of service. I am also an Army widower. My wife, SSG Kim Voelz, died in my arms in a Baghdad hospital on the day we caught Saddam. This blog is a look into a troubled mind, a broken heart, a wounded soul.
Place to see what's going on in my world

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