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Abuse Survivors - Support, intervention and information for survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, mental abuse, emotio

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Abuse Survivors

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Support, intervention and information for survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse.



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Articles contributed to Abuse Survivors

How to Prevent this Inmate's Release by krn (06/13/2011 21:53:37)

Back in June 2007 this man was arrested for charges of attempted rape. Four months later he went up for trial, but he didn't actually go to trial because he took a plea bargain. He did this cause he's a lying coward and at the trial they were wanting to give him 15-20 years, but the plea bargain was initially for a 7 year prison term. However, somehow it got narrowed down to only 4 years. He went up for parole last October and was rejected. This October he's supposed to be released, I'm wondering how I can go about preventing this, knowing what I know.

I know this man personally. He has a domination complex, he likes to get people into a position in which they have little control over and have to obey him under threat (this is the only language he speaks: threat). He is an abusive person, physically and psychologically. He likes to break the spirit of those whom he plays into a position (or who he thinks he has played into a position or has control over, either way you look at it) and degrades them, his threat language usually includes "you can either deal with me and do as I say when I say so, or you can (issue threat)". He frequently attacks the person he has under his control usually verbally and then later will apologize, make an excuse, and then laugh about how the person is just going to have to deal with it and "work with him". He doesn't care about personal choice, consideration, etc. and only cares about "you do as I say when I say so". He most definitely did attempt to rape the woman (she was a short term employee of his) cause he thought he was in a position of power, authority, etc. he didn't count on her disobeying him and not complying to his threats, and now he's in prison where he belongs.

I know all this first hand and am one of the people that has had to deal with this the most and in it's purest, strongest form because this man is my father. I'm an only child and I was 12 when he was incarcerated (though growing up he occassionally would turn out to be in jail for assault and battery usually) and he most definitely did do what he was accused of doing. I am the only person who knows him who believes this, however. No one else, not even my own mother (whom was also abused by him constantly and he cheated on her almost all the time). I used to think I needed him, he'd tell me things like if he weren't around I'd be starving and in a ghetto, or that I'd have a cruel stepdad, etc. and he'd turn around and make "jokes" about leaving abruptly and never returning. So, I was a paranoid kid and tried to keep tabs on him a lot, and didn't trust my mother (cause he had me under the impression for several years that she was insane to keep me from attaching to her). Four years later, and an entire stage of life later (huge growth difference physically, psychologically, etc. , gone from child to young adult) I am sick of him.

I've also had to deal with weekly calls that I have a hard time dodging thanks to my mother being on his side and these are occassionally very unpleasant, argumentive calls that then turn around to be an apology and a statement of how I'm just going to have to deal with him. I don't want him to get released cause he's made indirect, open to interpretation threats to me and has my mom deceived (she wont listen to me and blames me sometimes) and he thinks that he's in a great position to make ongoing threats and negative remarks to me (an attempt to break my spirit to make me an ideal pawn) because he thinks he's getting released in 100 days or so and that I'll once again be helplessly stranded under him with no where to turn but Uncle Sam. He's also almost certainly going to get out and do damage to the "oppressors" as he calls them (the people who don't let him do whatever he wants) and wants to drag me into it (attempting to ruin my life by dragging me into his ignorance under threat and manipulation). He thinks that I am a stupid, helpless child who has to go along with whatever he commands cause otherwise apparently I'm a stupid helpless child (get it? either way I'm stuck and clueless according to him). What he doesn't know and certainly doesn't expect is that I'm at least ten times smarter than him, know him like the back of my hand, can read him like a book, and I intend to use everything I can against him.

He doesn't know that I have a whole host of other plans (all of which tie in together) that will make me ten times better off than I have ever been and sooner than he could possibly imagine (he's small minded and narrow viewed). I'll be graduating highschool just under two years earlier than I would have soon (would have been class of 2013 but instead I'm more with the class of 2011). Of course I get no credit for this from him because I've never been an A student (though all my teachers throughout all the school years have said I was very intelligent and likeable) but that's not the only thing I've got on my side. In this particular situation between he and I my main advantage is that I've got a clean slate except for one incident that has been exsponged that happened 3 years ago, and that I'm not in prison. Everything else he claims I lack I don't actually lack and have a great deal more ambition than he realizes, cause I don't tell him anything. However, for this case my main goal is keeping him from being released and I would like to know exactly what I can do to go about accomplishing this.

So, knowing what I know and being fully willing to do anything I can to keep him from being released, what can I do now? Where should I start? I've got just under 4 months until his release and my mom's determined to jump out there with him, leave her job, everything and nothing I can say can change her mind permanently (she sometimes briefly changes it then turns around). She's determined that he's changed, that it's somehow my fault, and that I'm delusional and mean. So, I can't tell her anything and she's entirely in the dark on this. Please help me out here, any advice, tips, etc. would be very helpful, thank you for your time. 

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