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The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers - Linking sites created by and for members of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers. The society is dedicat

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The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers

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Manager: haubartine
Linking sites created by and for members of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers. The society is dedicated to promoting the fantasy and science fiction genre within wargaming and the hobby in general. Even if you already play a selection of miniatures games at present, you'll find that our pages will expand your knowledge of the range of games available and provide a valuable resource in the enjoyment of your hobby.


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   SLAMMER - Fast Action SF Skirmish rules Preview Go
SLAMMER is a set of free wargame rules for science fiction & modern skirmish games using miniatures.
   Mainly 28s... Preview Go
A wargames review site focussing on 28mm figures, vehicles, terrain and rules, as well as other odds and ends and several free rules.
   MekTek Online Preview Go
Rules for Ohmu War Machine; a tabletop miniatures gaming system. Articles on Battletech and various SF related wargaming topics, originally published in MekTek, GM/GMI, Adventurer etc.

   Fantasist Enterprises - Online Store - Miniatures Preview Go
Preorder upcoming miniatures merchandise for 15% - 25% off retail! Coming soon: full backlist store, related hobby articles and more!
   SC Hobbies Preview Go
Painting service offers fast competent figure painting. Quantity discounts on same figure type available. Constantly keeps in touch with clients via email and pics of in progress work.
   Clash of Steel Minis and Games Preview Go
We specialize in fantasy and sci fi wargame rulesets in .pdf format and hand-cast 25mm/54mm pewter miniatures. Custom terrain making also available. Stop by!
   Warfleet - New Era Preview Go
Warfleet is a free richly detailed game of starship combat played on a hexagonal grid. Counters are used to represent starships, asteroids, fighters, mines, space stations, and just about anything else. It includes two governments, one corporation, and three pirate factions to play as. In total over 40 different units (starships, stations, mines, attack craft, etc.%
   Olleys Armies Miniatures Preview Go
A website for fantasy and sf wargame enthusiasts. We make and sell miniatures and scenery. We also have a great miniatures gallery.
   Fantasy Field Trip Society Preview Go
Fantasy Field Trip Society is a LARP club in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We've hosted many events each year based on a variety of scenarios, since 1982.
   War Zone Gaming Terrain Systems Preview Go
War Zone GTS offers high quality, handcrafted custom war gaming terrain and Table Tops. Available in 4 different Scapes (colors) and 4 different Scales (elevations).

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