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Association of Taoism WebRing - Taoism is based on complete reality. The Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era is classified into Three Grottoes, Four Compl

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Taoism is based on complete reality. The Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era is classified into Three Grottoes, Four Complements, and twelve subsections. The "Three Grottoes" refer to those of Pervasive Perfection, Pervasive Mystery and Pervasive Divinity: the first of Scriptures of the Highest Clarity; the second of Scriptures of the Numinous Treasure; the third of The Book of the Three August Ones. The "Four Complements" were at first The Catalogue of the Seven Sections of the Jade Apocrypha. "Four Complements" refer to the Supreme Clarity, Supreme Peace, Supreme Mystery and Orthodox Oneness, which supplement Pervasive Perfection, Pervasive Mystery, Pervasive Divinity . Such are the Three Caverns (with the Four Supplements).

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   Daoist texts Preview Go
translations of texts from the Dao Zang (Daoist canon), mostly not available elsewhere on the free internet. MOST EXTENSIVE WEBSITE OF DAOIST LITERATURE in English on the internet.
   Spiritual Majic Preview Go
Spiritual and personal Information I have learned on my Spiritual Journey thus far.
   Taoism Preview 1 review(s) — Go
This is my interpretation of the Tao Te Ching.

   Unknown TAOIST FORMULA by S.Shishkov of Yin-Yang TAI-J Preview Go
Unknown TAOIST FORMULA by S.Shishkov of Yin-Yang TAI-JI
   A New Shade of Black Preview Go
The Way I See The Way. My thoughts about Tao (Dao) and Taoism.
   Welcome to the Chinese World by Lucas Wyrsch Preview Go
We inform you about messages of the Chinese world concerning history, politics, technology, sciences, information and communication of a global perspective, but this above all and exclusive in Chinese
   Jesus in India - The movie & book Preview Go
Was Jesus in India? The New Testament is silent on those years, however in India there is an ancient tradition that young Jesus joined a caravan and took the Silk Road to the East, where He lived with both Hindus and Buddhists before returning to begin His ministry. To what extent are these traditions based on evidence, and why does the Pope of Hinduism now insist that Jesus was in India? Scholars and religious authorities are joined in this film by the Dalai Lama and an Apostolic Nuncio of Pope John Paul II. You will hear all sides, and you will be shocked and surprised by some of the answers offered for the Bible's silence about JESUS IN INDIA.
   The Disappearance Of The True Buddha's Dhamma Preview Go
Digha Nikaya Sutta 16 & Anguttara Nikaya Sutta 4.180 - the words & syallables are to be closely scrutinized, laid beside Sutta & compared with Vinaya. If, when thus laid beside Sutta & compared with Vinaya, they lie not along with Sutta & agree not with Vinaya, to this conclusion must ye come: Sure this is not the word of that Exalted One, Arahant, the Fully Enlighte

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