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Dinosaur Jr. - 10/04/2012

Live In The Middle East - slight update - I'll be seeing the guys at Fitzgerald's in Houston tomorrow night. So in celebration, here's a repost of my year-old review of a seven year-old concert DVD. I wonder what the young people wear to their rock and roll shows these days. I believe I shall go with dungarees. 2007, 83 min., unrated video says... the DVD naturally corrects their one fault live, past and present: they can't be ear-splittingly loud when you control the volume. Instead, the mix is hot hot hot: bassist Lou Barlow 's Rickenbacker rips and the distorted edge on guitarist J Mascis 's Marshall amp could strip paint off walls, while head-down baldie drummer Murph looks like he's slinging floor beams. Just ungodly!!! The 73rd Virgin says... Well okay then. The band from Amherst, Massachussetts, nibbled at the edges of wide popularity from roughly 1987 until they petered out in 1997. Their 1988 semi-hit "Freak Scene" is one of the strangest almagams of powe...

Dinosaur Jr.

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