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Humane Society & Animal Welfare - The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring links the homepages of animal shelters, humane societies, rescue organization

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Humane Society & Animal Welfare

Manager: idowebsites
The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Forum is a great place to "talk it up". Collaborate here about animal shelters, humane societies, rescue organizations, animal welfare organizations.

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IKEA & Bieber Monkeys Should Be With Their Own Kind There was a time when Justin Bieber seemed like such a level-headed kid who did not let his fame affect him. Now, he's behaving like a real jerk. He is accused of a string of misconduct, and the latest one concerns allegations that Bieber uttered threats of violence and spat on his Los Angeles neighbor on March 26th. Allegedly, Bieber was driving around the neighborhood in the morning (around 8:00 AM) in his new Ferrarri – at 100 miles per hour! And the noise forced his neighbor to confront Bieber. It is believed that his neighbor will press charges and Bieber may be prosecuted. And if he was indeed driving around a residential street at very high speed, he could have been in a lot more trouble if he had hurt or killed one of the neighborhood children playing in the street. What a moron. ~ Justin Bieber is turning into a real A-Hole! Justin Bieber's idiotic antics now has touched on the issue of animal welfare. In March, Bieber tried to turn his pet monkey, Mally, into a jet-setter and the animal was seized and quarantined at Munich, Germany by the airport authorities. Apparently, Bieber didn’t know that paperwork is needed to transport animals (that may carry diseases) from one country to the next. However, Mally may be in luck. German customer officials have given Justin until the end of April to produce the proper documentation. If not, Mally will be placed in a proper facility for monkeys. That’s exactly what Mall...


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