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Humane Society & Animal Welfare - The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring links the homepages of animal shelters, humane societies, rescue organization

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Humane Society & Animal Welfare

Manager: idowebsites
The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Forum is a great place to "talk it up". Collaborate here about animal shelters, humane societies, rescue organizations, animal welfare organizations.

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post by science - 08/05/2013

Case of H3N2v flu reported in northern Illinois
Precautions are advised though there has been no inidcation it is being passed animal to human.  yet.
? Don't take food or drinks into animal areas or eat, drink or put anything into your mouth while visiting animal areas.? Don't take toys, pacifiers, cups, baby bottles and strollers into animal areas.? Avoid close contact with animals, especially swine.? Avoid contact with animals if you have influenza-like symptoms.? Caution should be used in visiting animal areas for anyone with an underlying health condition, who is pregnant, who is younger than age 5 or older than 65.
All good common sense advice in general!

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