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Humane Society & Animal Welfare - The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring links the homepages of animal shelters, humane societies, rescue organization

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Humane Society & Animal Welfare

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The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Forum is a great place to "talk it up". Collaborate here about animal shelters, humane societies, rescue organizations, animal welfare organizations.

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Should Such Callous Theme Parks Be Banned? The controversial documentary Blackfish premiered in limited release two weeks ago in theaters across the U.S.; and CNN is expected to broadcast the movie on October 24th, 2013. We at the Frog Blog highly recommend this documentary to our readers, not just for its thought-provoking message, but also because it is just a very well-made film. On, Blackfish has generated a consensus rating of 97% among film critics, Click here . Movie poster. In the past, has published a number of articles about the tragedy of animal exploitation and the dangers faced by the handlers of wild animals. Read our past articles: "Moron Lets Infant Play With A Gorilla" , and "50 Exotic/Rare Animals Killed In Ohio" . Our position has always been that a "domesticated or tamed wild animal" is an oxymoron. It is impossible to "tame" a wild/exotic animal because to do so would require countless generations of selective breeding (it is believed that it took thousands of years for the dog to be domesticated, click here ). And just because a wild animal is intelligent and can learn silly tricks to obtain treats or food, that does not mean it is tamed like a domesticated dog is. To wild animals, humans can never be accepted as one of their own like dogs can. This poses a problem brought up by the film: When an animal is abused and is under stress, it may attack and kill people. ~ Should killer whales be tourist attractions? The need of...


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